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Our club offers a varied range of services such as meteorologic information, W.C, hot showers, electricity, collecting residues and trash, parking, mooring, scuba diving, night guard, gas station, and whichever other services that could possibly be provided by the club’s staff, which will make visitors and customers feel at home.

The club is open to the south west with a length of 35 meters and a depth of more than 6.5 meters.  It has space for 243 ships and boats that may range between 5 to 12 meters of length. Scuba diving centers ALPHA and ISUB give the necessary material to anyone who is willing to help clean the bottoms of the club. These community-oriented activities are finalized with a barbecue sponsored by the club, for everyone that has contributed to the ecologist spirit of the club.

Due to its reduced dimensions and its strategic location, the club has been not only a transit port, but an authentic refuge. Many ships are forced to arrive here, because of meteorologic conditions and strong changes in wind directions that are frequent, and its sailors are overwhelmed with the natural beauty of the Natural Park. This explains the generalized desire to expand the club that currently exists, which is incremented by the many new visitors and members of the club that arrive every year.

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