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History of the Marina

Let’s go back a few years, specifically to March 17, 1971. A small group of lovers of the sea and of San José decide to start a journey that firmly reflects their desire to associate with a common goal for all of them: the creation of a Nautical Club.

In this simple way and uniting the interests of people who love the sea and this coast of singular beauty, on that date and in the old facilities of the Club de Mar de Almería, a small group of enthusiasts from the coastal strip of the municipality of Níjar, recognized today as “founding members of the San José Nautical Club ·, gathered together constituted a General Assembly, for the creation of the San José Nautical Club. Once obtained on February 8, 1971 opinion by which His Excellency the Governor of Almería D. Juan Mena de la Cruz authorized on February 3, 1971 the creation of the San José Yacht Club. D. Juan Mena de la Cruz authorized on February 3 the creation of the San José Yacht Club. D. Francisco Gómez Angulo, holding at that time the position of His Excellency Mr. Mayor of the city of Almería, assumed with total conviction to be the first president of our Club, since he also shared his passion for the incredible values ​​of this coastal area of ​​the Cape de Gata, read with the approval of the Governor the Statutes by which the San José Yacht Club would be governed, which were finally approved by the Higher Sports Council on December 21, 1984.

We believe it is necessary to record, while serving as a tribute to people who with their tenacity and dedication have made the Club Náutico de San José and its Marina a reality today. Both for those who have not had the privilege of knowing them and for those of us who keep the memory of the founding partners alive over time, and sincerely apologizing if we forget to name any of them, our most pleasant memories: D Francisco Gómez Angulo, Mr. Ramón Durbán Córdoba, Mr. Enrique Romero Ramos, Mr. Ramón Alonso Fernández, Mr. Thomas Bayne Wilson, Mr. José Sánchez Gimeno, Mr. Amós García Vargas, Mr. Diego de Juan Fernández, Mr. Francisco de Juan Fernández, Mr. Alfredo Fernández Ruiz, Mr. Alfonso Fernández Ruiz, Mr. Emilio Seiquer Ortiz, Mr. Jose Mª, Mr. Jesús and Mr. Javier Gómez Matuate, Mr. Juan Manuel Martín Martínez de Baroja, Mr. Miguel Gallego Almansa, Mr. Enrique Sistach Roura, Mr. Jose Francisco Viciana Vera, Mr. Jose Benavides Díaz, Mr. Juan Villegas Núñez and Mr. Juan Berenquel García.

All of them, to a greater or lesser extent, made a project directed by D. Alejandro Pascual Berenguel and executed by D. José Mª Tejera Pacheco a reality. its notification on March 22, 1982, the San José Nautical Club began a 50-year journey to enjoy a Marina. A dream come true that began its steps with the placement of La Primera Piedra on April 25, 1982. On July 26, 1984, the Andalusian Government authorized the provisional start-up, while with the permission of the Military Commander of Marina de Cartagena by decree 5,535 of the same date authorizes the opening of our port to maritime-sports traffic.
On July 30, 1984, the first vessel in transit entered our port, a Swiss-flagged sailboat, named: “De Klomp”. And in this way the Club Náutico de San José begins its operation being officially inaugurated with the assistance of the founding members, port personnel and Authorities, on Saturday August 14, 1984

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