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To become one of our club’s members you need to present a request to the Directive Board. That request will need to be signed by two members of the club.

If your request is accepted, you will be required to make an initial payment. Once this is done, you will officially become a member of the club. All of the advantages of becoming a member will be available to you, your spouse/husband, and your children.

Becoming a member will give you access to all of the club’s services. You will be able to participate in tournaments, sport schools, etc. You will enjoy special tariffs and discounts for members.

Terms & Conditions

The member condition does not imply that a mooring space will always be available to you, even though you will have priority over someone who is not a member. The children of club members will have the option to become a member without having to make the initial required payment, but the annual quote alone, as long as they have not reached the age of 30.

The condition of being a member can only be transmitted in special circumstances. The lucrative transmission of the club membership is not allowed. In the case a member passes away, the membership will pass directly to their closest relative. Those members who become 70 years old or are affected by any invalidity will be able to request to the Directive Board the transmission of the membership to a member of their family.

Non-authorized activities are prohibited. In order to realize any activity that is different from those that are authorized, the explicit permission of the Directive Board will be necessary. Disobeying this rule is a very grave infraction that may be penalized with the expulsion of the member. Anyone who would like to install a business inside of the port will need to obtain the authorization of the Directive Board.

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